Appliance Repair Winnipeg
Why Us?

Why Us?

Why Choose Us?

 Why Choose Us?

Thomas Appliance Repair Winnipeg is committed to offering robust, cost-effective, expedited, guaranteed and lasting appliance repair services in Manitoba. We are honour-bound to passing on the most reliable and efficient possible service experience to our customers.

Our Customer Care

We believe in connecting directly with our customers, hence when you call us, you will not have to go through confusing call menus. You will be directly connected with our expert appliance repairperson who will troubleshoot your problem, and even offer Free consultation service. Once your appointment is scheduled, we will call you 30 minutes in advance of arriving at your doorstep. In case you prefer communicating via SMS, we can remain in touch with you through SMS as well. This way you can schedule any last minute chores. Lastly, we offer guaranteed same day service for Winnipeg.

Our Transparency and Availability

We are locally entrenched in Manitoba and over 60 areas within it. Hence, we are able to quickly accommodate your distress call and offer 24-hour emergency service. Furthermore, our pricing and warranty terms are clear and we offer complete estimates for our services well in advance.

Lasting Repair Services

We are committed to offering lasting repairs for our customers. We’ll do everything to prevent the need for future appliance failures. Hence, our standard procedure starts off with a thorough diagnosis of your appliance, and repair only begins once we have troubleshooted the root cause of the problem. All of our repairpersons and technicians have undergone extensive training, and have ample industry experience handling and repairing appliances. As a result, troubleshooting occurs within a matter of minutes, and repairs follow.

We Guarantee Repairs

We believe in standing by our work. We want our customers to use their repaired appliance with  peace of mind. Hence we offer a comprehensive [90-day] guarantee on labour and all the parts used during the repair. We believe nothing will go wrong, but if it does, the cost of repair and recovery is on our heads!

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